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break the chains imageEMSRP – Expressive Meta-Schematic Re-Patterning


EMSRP uses a powerful blend of proven techniques woven together into a unique sequence to deal with depression for good. Many therapies are limited to a particular point of view on the issue. They can become blinded by their own theoretical frameworks and miss the bigger picture of depression in the real world.


CBT, Analytical Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Work, Drama Therapy, Gestalt, Psychodynamic approaches – all have pieces of the puzzle to offer, but all too frequently fail to achieve the most important objective i.e. living free of depression without the need for ‘top ups’ and constant returning for more therapy.


After twenty five years of research and development, people who complete the EMSRP programme show dramatic and permanent reductions in 26 measures of depression within the first three sessions. They report their lives and relationships becoming enriched and fulfilling in all sorts of surprising ways, and the simple skills they learn without effort support every aspect of their lives.