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EMSRP Training


The EMSRP Practitioner Accreditation Training course last for 5 days. This is usually split between one two-day weekend plus 3 separate days at 2 or 3 week intervals.


Practitioner Entry Requirements
You will need to be a certified counsellor, counselling psychologist, hypnotherapist or psychotherapist. This is a course which should be viewed as adding to an existing set of processes that any therapist or counsellor might have rather than a stand alone therapy for anyone who wants to train to be a therapist.

EMSRP is comprised of original processes, and includes elements of CBT, coaching, inner child, Gestalt, psychodrama, hypnosis, and humanistic therapies,  and you do not need to have prior experience or expertise in all or any of these areas to participate.

You will need to be able to abide by the code of ethics that is an integral part of EMSRP itself and that you will request your clients to match too.

EMSRP has ‘acceptance’ of the individual at its heart and you will need to suspend your judgements in order to work with, and help others, using EMSRP. This is something that most therapists have already.

Cheshire Manchester EMSRP
Mac and Steve. Thank you for supporting me through the course. I have thirty five years experience working as both a therapist and social worker. As you can imagine I've attended a lot of training both the good and the better. The accreditation process for the EMSRP course falls into the 'I learned a great deal during this process that I have already found incredibly useful'. Useful doesn't quite sum up my experience during and post training as well as I would like. During training I guess words like powerful, moving, insightful and empowering are more apt. Post training I have been offered so much support from both Steve and yourself I'm actually feeling more confident in using the approach with people. I made some personal changes myself as a result of attending and continue to notice "what's different" daily so thanks. I'm pleased and privileged to be a part of the growing EMSRP community. Much love Lorraine
Lorraine Lowe

Practitioner Training
The training includes a printed therapist’s manual and the EMSRP ebook. Therapists will be able to have access to support after the training and further materials including help.
Attendees will be given EMSRP Practitioner certification and the number of CPD hours is 34 for completing all 5 days and the Skype sessions or 30 hours  without the optional Skype support sessions.


To Be Announced –

  1. A two day weekend
  2. Then a series of 1 day on further weekends
  3. Weekends have 2 to 3 weeks in between

Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm




£575 early bird discount rate
£675 full fee

Silk House Therapy Practice


If you have any questions about the EMSRP course please email Steven Harold at