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Therapist and Client Testimonials


Client and Healthy Relationships
It often feels like I didn’t really exist before EMSRP – I just passively passed through life, withdrawn, without making any choices or having any direction or sense of self at all. Throughout the process I learnt how to let myself FEEL and how to turn up and participate in life with boundaries and rights, and how to have healthy relationships with people that support mutual thriving. My partner also went through his own process of EMSRP with you. I was honoured enough to be by his side through his struggles and revelations. EMSRP changed our lives forever, both individually and together.
Client’s Rapid Changes
I am amazed at how much I have changed in a relatively short space of time.
Cheshire Manchester EMSRP
Mac and Steve. Thank you for supporting me through the course. I have thirty five years experience working as both a therapist and social worker. As you can imagine I've attended a lot of training both the good and the better. The accreditation process for the EMSRP course falls into the 'I learned a great deal during this process that I have already found incredibly useful'. Useful doesn't quite sum up my experience during and post training as well as I would like. During training I guess words like powerful, moving, insightful and empowering are more apt. Post training I have been offered so much support from both Steve and yourself I'm actually feeling more confident in using the approach with people. I made some personal changes myself as a result of attending and continue to notice "what's different" daily so thanks. I'm pleased and privileged to be a part of the growing EMSRP community. Much love Lorraine
Lorraine Lowe

Client free from Depression
No longer depressed

Client’s Transformation
I have been surprised by the power for transformation of seemingly simple concepts.

Client’s Optimism
I am infinitely more optimistic about the future, and confident that I have the skills to cope with whatever the future holds.

The EMSRP accreditation course does what it says on the tin. Changes lives. A heuristic approach to learning that is truly powerful and delivered with compassion. A rare gift. Thank you.
Owen Stevens
Hypnotherapist, EMSRP Practitioner

Client Gains Inner Peace
“Your process for the first time enabled me to become aware of and hence step out of my singular and fairly negative view of myself. It educated me in the phenomena of Shame and my inner child and the powerful impact that past events and stories had on my life and my behaviour. It created a safe, creative and at times challenging space in which I could address these very deep and real personal barriers and in the end find a sense of inner peace that I never knew could exist. It also allowed me to take care of myself. I have done much work since to continue this personal journey and have continued to achieve significant things in my life but I can honestly say that it was your process and specifically you who opened the door to this possibility. For this, for your continued friendship and for my daughter (and now my son) I owe you a significant debt.”

Client’s Control
Feel more in control of my life, able to take responsibility for myself and my life

Client’s Living Rights
Numerous times I have acted in a different way and then realised afterwards that I had maintained a right that I had listed in my ‘Bill of Rights’. It comes naturally to me now. I have found my voice in situations where I often did not have it and have no problems contradicting people when they try to tell me something is other than it is, when that something involves me

Client Awareness
More aware of my feelings and what they mean
Client’s Freedom
It’s like I am this house with multiple floors and hundreds of rooms – and I spent years in the downstairs toilet with the light off thinking that was all there was!


Client’s Discovery
The most profound event for me was the discovery of a gentle, beautiful and wise place of my psyche that I hadn’t given any care and attention to