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Rediscovered essence is the greatest gift of EMSRP –

and it can only be fully grasped

once the foundation work is complete.


Neuropsychology studies show that if you wire a person’s brain up with sensors able to detect electrical impulses from the base of the brain stem and all the way through the mid-brain to the higher cerebral cortex where full consciousness is achieved, and you ask them to randomly move their index finger, the impulse to move the finger occurs almost a whole second before the person becomes aware that they are going to move their finger.

Think about that.

The decision to move the finger occurs almost a second before any consciousness of it at all. So where is the decision made? In conscious awareness – absolutely not. The decision is made in the Unconscious. What if all our decisions to express ourselves are made in the Unconscious?

We have been trained through life to identify the contents of our conscious awareness as “me” – and yet our source energy flows from out of the unexplored cave of unawareness – what if ‘real-me” is already in there trying to express through impulses? We have all been taught to mistrust the impulses that arise from this place, to stop them, cheat the world of them, pretend that they are not us – “that was totally out of character with me”.

Essence is where the Authentic Self arises and he/she want to express his/herself into the world. We spend almost all of our energies resisting this energy. This is madness – flow is when we get aligned with the true “ME” and choose to build our world and relationships to help our source energies thrive.

This is a delightful homecoming that rounds the whole process.

We cannot say more about it at this point – but this is the step that eliminates the need for depression except as an essential signpost back to the path of least resistance – the unfettered development of the Authentic Self.

Come rediscover and reactivate yours – finding it is a certainty if you take the necessary steps.