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Do You Feel that You Might Be Found Out?

Do you have that nagging doubt about yourself? It may be a sense that someone might just see right past that mask you hide behind and recognise the fraud that you think you are.

manthinking01You might be the most successful business woman, most eloquent public speaker, respected friend, a highly efficient worker, regarded for your intelligence, or the life and soul of the party or all these things. Yet, despite all your external successes, you feel quite differently internally. You may have major doubts about your ability to keep up the front of success you have created.

If you have this sense of yourself, you are not alone. Most people have had to create a mask of success that enables them to receive acceptance and approval. In doing so, they have also hidden away, that part of them that had been rejected at an early age. The shamed part of themselves that they… that you fear being exposed, just in case you are rejected again.

How would you feel then if you could be your whole self and be proud to be completely you and in way that you exuded confidence and enjoyed acceptance?