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Self Worth Already Set in Stone


When someone you hardly know gives you an uninvited compliment,

it activates all of your accumulated learning about yourself,

and up come those voices!


“Don’t believe that, he’s up to something – cos that’s not true.”

“Huh, you don’t know me!”

The earliest learning locked away out of sight in the dark recesses of the unconscious senses danger and sets off the alarms when something good happens. If you start behaving as if the positive stuff is true, your Meta-schematic Belief and its guardian voices pipe up telling you in no uncertain terms that you are (it believes) putting yourself in the very danger you experienced when you were a vulnerable and dependent child. The inner voices rise up to remind you what you have already learned without doubt, that you do not deserve the compliment, the pleasure, the reward – that you should not allow this to be yours at all, and above all it reminds you that just as in the past, it will all end in tears and humiliation so it’s best avoided.

The Meta-Schematic Belief and its blueprint are the only things allowed to ‘parent’ you.

When someone says something good about you, you might for a moment think, “Oh that’s great I have always wanted to think that about myself.”

The Meta-Schematic ‘parent’ will soon put paid to that.

It puts paid to all the important stuff through doubt, paranoia, downright shaming – the diets, the resolutions, the new beginnings, the new relationships, the “this time it’s going to be different”, and reinforces the old assumptions like, “I always pick the wrong woman/guy”, “Things just don’t work for me”, “Better not get too big for my boots.”.

Until the Meta-Schematic Belief is relieved of its misguided yet well-intentioned grip, and its enforcement team in the form of inner voices is replaced by something new – really replaced and resigned, not just temporarily drowned out by ‘positive thinking’ or ‘affirmations’ – no new self-image or parenting of it can last for long.

A new approach to Self-Parenting forms a core of the middle phases of EMSRP. The ‘better’ parenting happens quite naturally, almost with no effort at all. Without a better parent there can be no adult “happy childhood”, just an ongoing and repetitive conflict between your good intentions and the old voices.

You already know if you beat yourself up, deny yourself the love of others, feel paranoid about your friends, new people, potential partners, current partners. You know if you feel ripped off by life and people in it. These are all symptoms of low or absent self-worth.

EMSRP really does change all that – for the better.

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EMSRP makes change for the better a certainty.