Feeling stuck in life - frustrated and seemingly powerless to change your life for the better?

We all seek a sense of flow - but too often we feel stuck. Feeling stuck and frustrated is a natural human response to an environment that obstructs us moving forward. It is how depression starts. Staying stuck year after year eventually takes its toll on your health. It does not have to be that way. Depression is a sign that you are not thriving in your relationships, job, or environment. If used correctly, depression becomes your signpost towards the often simple breakthroughs that make all the difference to every aspect of your life. EMSRP provides the partner, road map and vehicle for the whole journey to freeing your authentic self.

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How it All Began

What led us to create a persona that we show to the world and to hide our true self? Fear of rejection and punishment are powerful forces.

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Self Worth

Do you have healthy or low self worth? How you view your value affects all your behaviours, choices in life and relationships.

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Are You Real?

Do you try and gauge other people's views and base your own upon what you think they would approve of? How often do you feel the real you flows naturally?

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What is Your Essence?

What are those activities, environments and relationships that enable you to fully be and express your essence?

About Us

EMSRP is highly effective for individuals, couples and groups.

EMSRP for Individuals
By arrangement with individual EMSRP.org accredited facilitators
EMSRP for HS & LGBT Couples
By arrangement with individual accredited facilitators in EMSRP-4C
Powerful culture change guaranteed - by arrangement with individual accredited facilitators in EMSRP-4G